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Thaithentic Now

Thaithentic Supper Club just got a lot HOTTER!

It’s Summer and it’s hot. Thai Tapas sounds like the perfect combination. Come visit us at our PopUp Restaurant event on May 16th for a unique menu created by Chef Evelyn inspired by Thai Chillies. Follow us on @thaithenticNYC for more information!

What is Thaithentic Supper Club?

If you love Thai food you’ll love Thaithentic Supper Club. We bring you an interactive Thai dining experience where you’ll be immersed in Thai cuisine and culinary history. Our Thaithentic Chefs will prepare you a multicourse menu in a communal table setting designed to be intimate so that you’ll have the opportunity to engage with our chefs and experience their Thai cooking styles. Our goal is for you to leave our dinners feeling both satisfied and with a deeper understanding of Thai culinary trends and flavors.

Who are the Thaithentic Chefs?

We partner with private chefs and sous chefs to provide them with a location and a new audience to test out their Thai culinary vision.

Who is the Thaithentic Chef for this Supper Club?

Chef Name: Chef Evelyn

Full Name: Evelyn Gracia

Menu Theme: Our featured ingredient is THAI Chilies!

Work History: Kitchen Surfing | Kin Shop | Masak | Spice Market

Education: Culinary Institute of America

By Thaithentic .

Our team is comprised of marketers, creatives and developers with extensive backgrounds in advertising, event planning and web development. Through our combined experiences and commitment to our culture, we have the knowledge and passion to introduce new audiences to Thai cuisine and traditions. With our strong Thai heritage and deep-rooted connections with New York’s Thai community and Thailand, Thaithentic is the perfect ambassador to show the very best in Thai cuisine, creativity and culture.