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Delicious Dishes from Chef Chuck Valla

Chef Chuck Valla
Chef Chuck Valla

Over the weekend, I got the chance to chow down at our second Supper Club event featuring Chef Chuck Valla. The venue at 201 Allen Street with its large open commercial kitchen and intimate dining room is a perfect spot for our hungry diners to interact with the chef and taste his delicious creations.

Rice Sausage
1st Course – Rice Sausage – Grilled Thai style sausage filled with Jasmine rice, minced pork, garlic, and Thai pepper.

For the first course Chef Chuck Valla prepared his signature homemade Rice Sausage. Super rich in flavor, yet light, with a sweeter taste than Kielbasa, you can see the bits of rice embedded inside the casing. It was a delicious appetizer.

 Khao Tung Goong
2nd Course – Khao Tung Goong – Crispy white rice, grilled shrimp with lemongrass Thai herbs infused coconut milk.
Nam Prik Pla Too
3rd Course – Nam Prik Pla Too – Grilled sticky rice, Thai mackerel, roasted long hot chili, garlic, and onion.
Pak Mor Kang Keaw
4th Course – Pak Mor Kang Keaw – Braised beef cooked in fresh rice paper, homemade green curry sauce, fried quail egg.

A huge highlight was the Pak Mor Kang Keaw served as the fourth course. Beautiful and delicate in its presentation, the rice paper filled with braised beef looks as delicious as it tastes. The rice paper was delicate but with a spoonful of homemade green curry sauce and perfectly cooked quail egg placed on top the dish had a wholesome feel to it. It was a crowd favorite with a few diners requesting seconds!

Khao Ob Talay
5th Course – Khao Ob Talay – Baked rice in Tom Yum broth, mixed seafood, Thai herbs.

The Khao Ob Talay was very filling as I quickly scooped up as much Tom Yum mixture into the rice as I could with the New Zealand mussel. The rice was also presented at the perfect temperature. It was moist but had a harden edge for a scrumptious bite.

6th Course - Rice Pudding - Purple rice pudding with Lychee, warm coconut milk infused Pandan leaf.
6th Course – Rice Pudding – Purple rice pudding with Lychee, warm coconut milk
infused Pandan leaf.

The tasting menu was finished off with a purple lychee rice pudding for dessert and the sweetness hit all the right spots. Chef Chuck’s friendly presence and warm welcome only added to atmosphere. With my taste buds hitting all the right notes, I can’t wait for our next Supper Club!

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