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Thai DNA Interviews Chef Bao Bao

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Chef Bao of Baoburg in Williamsburg, NY.  She is the executive chef and co-owner of Baoburg and is an upcoming Thaithentic Chef.  As fate would have it, she was also doing a simultaneous interview with Thai DNA, a television show in Thailand showcasing Thai success stories across the globe.  Eventually our interviews would merge and the interviewer would become the interviewee as I became part of Chef Bao’s story for Thai DNA.  It was a fun and enriching experience for me as it serves as proof that topics like food and culture are always inevitably meant to become shared experiences.  Check out the episode and see for yourself.  Although my interview was in English, most of the show is in Thai.  If there are parts you’d like to understand, don’t be afraid to ask us!

Manus Chaorinuea
By Manus C.

Manus Chaorinuea is the founder of Thaithentic. He is an entrepreneur and food connoisseur. As a son of a Thai chef, he spends his time traveling, eating, and learning about different cultures. Being born and raised in New York City, he is an avid NY Rangers fan and plays goalie for an ice hockey team named Sriracha.